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Festival International de danse orientale en Suisse à Montreux
Internationales Festival für orientalischen Tanz in der Schweiz

In 4 days in a row – 12-15th of April 2019 – we will have the pleasure to present our unbelievable shows with the Oriental Dance Art Masters. We invited – our guest stars, with our national and international guest performers, also International Competition at a very high level with marvelous prizes, Fashion Show with costumes by Mimi Fashion.

We WILL HAVE a WORLD SHOW as well which will be formed from professional dancers coming from all around the world representing their cities and countries. A true representation of world oriental dance where can participate only professional dancers and teachers with very good experience !!!
If you want your group to take a part in Group Show on the stage, every member of the group needs to be registered for the festival at least Combo Soft Pack! The group must be consisted of at least 2 members. The participants have to send a video with their performances, name and country.